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Faith, Love and You Ladies Empowerment Summit

The News with OB had the honor of being amongst powerful women of substance. Every woman at that event or on the panel was a mogul in her own right. But since you couldn't make it, here is what you missed.



October, 2012

VISIBILITY matters. REPRESENTATION matters. OUR VOICE Matters. SILENCE is BETRAYAL. There is no better time than now to speak up, and discuss our views, especially in the face of denigration, racism, misogyny.. Independent news outlets and journalist are needed more now than ever! Let's keep America great, especially free speech and press. Be sure to subscribe to our webpage at or send us email at about a topic, political, or local event in your area. The News with OB has much more in store come 2018, in the effort to keep YOU informed, but not Inundated with the news


April, 2020

I'm a political commentator, producer, and the voice for social injustice, equal rights for women and immigration. I'm also an advocate for people who can't speak for themselves.  I realized at a young age that television news was a lifelong passion of mine. Born in Washington, DC, my parents moved the family back to Nigeria when I was 6 years old. At 8yrs old, I was writing plays and appearing on a TV show called, “Children’s Variety,” and “Kiddies Avenue,” every Saturday morning. At that young age, the producers of the show noticed my creative tendency by selecting many of my innovative ideas for the show. At that point, my calling to be in the world of communications was planted, and later to be nurtured.


March 25, 2017

On March 25, 2017, Black Women In Media, held its 2nd Annual an awards ceremony. The event honored and recognized women who are brilliantly utilizing their platforms and have undeniably represented Black women in the media industry. Be it Broadcasting, Journalism, Communications, and Print, BWIM highlighted women in all of those areas. THE NEWS WITH OB was there to capture it all!

Here at The News with OB, our goal is to bring you the facts without speculating or sugarcoating. We are about inclusion, so speaking your truth and having a voice is welcome on our platform.

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