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The News with OB is an online news magazine show which covers all current affairs. Wherever there is news, The News with OB can make it a news story that will cater to our target audience. The main goal is to highlight the news/information from around the world and our local community. We believe that engaging our audience lets them know they are being heard, and not alone in the effort to make their community and the world a better place!

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Faith, Love and You Ladies Empowerment Summit

The News with OB had the honor of being amongst powerful women of substance. Every woman at that event or on the panel was a mogul in her own right. But since you couldn't make it, here is what you missed.


Welcome to The News with OB

October, 2012

We also have a segment with a few feel-good and inspiring stories titled "Community Changemakers." If you know anyone making an impact in your community that needs to be recognized for their efforts, we'll like to have them on the show, email us at info@thenewswithOB.com

Oby's Resume Reel

June, 2023

As a television producer and News Reporter for the past 8yrs, Oby has had the privilege of covering stories that appeal to an international audience. Oby covered the Boko Haram protest, which took place in front of the Nigerian Embassy in Washington DC. In addition, she is a freelance U.S. correspondent for Battabox.com, Nigeria’s most exciting news and entertainment channel based in Lagos. She is also a freelance news reporter for US Weekly Magazine.

Wash Gala 2018 -Hosted by Face Africa

March 31, 2018

The ninth annual Wash Gala was an evening to raise funds for clean water in Africa. A night in celebration of Africans + Friends of Africa,  making a difference in their respective industries and communities.

Here at The News with OB, our goal is to bring you the facts without speculating or sugarcoating. We are about inclusion, so speaking your truth and having a voice is welcome on our platform.

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